Flameless Candles

flameless candles

Flameless Candles

How many of you love candles? I do, I love the way the light dances off the walls and it creates such a relaxing atmosphere. The problem I have, I have animals and they also love to play with the flickering light, which can cause them to get knocked off the shelf or table, then I’ve got a BIG problem. Well my problem has been solved!! I have found Flameless Candles and they are my savior.


flameless candle


Flameless Candles look like real candles with the flickering flames some even come with a remote so you can click the remote to turn them on and off, and some have a 4 hour timer feature so the candles is on for 4 hours then off – perfect for my office or really anywhere!









Now I do have to confess I wasn’t 100% in love with these flameless candles when I first saw them, I thought probably the same thing you do, eeh they’re ok but I really like the real candles. Well I ended up biting the bullet and purchasing my first one a few years ago and I have to say I am a convert. If I fall asleep on the couch or run out real quick I don’t have to remember to blow out the candles – Perfect!!

So in my love affair with these Flameless Candles, I was out shopping around and then I found…… Flameless Himalayan Salt Candles.


Himalayan salt candle




I know crazy but these things are wonderful. The heat emits negative ions (some call it the vitamins of the air) and they are beautiful candles what more could you ask. They even have Himalayan Salt candles that are powered by USB so you can plug them into your computer at your office.   (Click Here for my next blog post on Himalayan Salt Lamps and their benefits).






Whatever type of flameless candle you choose to go with I hope you will be as happy as I was with your purchase. It really is the safest, easiest and a beautiful way to have candles all around without all of the issues.


Flameless Candelabra
Looking for a Candelabra here is one that holds 10 candles from Amazon

What are you thought on these Flameless Candles? Love them hate them jury still out? Let us know.  Shop at Overstockpros.com for the best lighting products and other household items.