Are Himalayan Salt Lamps good for you?

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Everywhere you turn now a days there is a Himalayan salt lamps claiming health benefits. So the question becomes do they work? Do they really have health benefits? The answer is yes, but before we go into the benefits lets first go into some background on Himalayan Salt. As you probably have seen by now the Himalayan Salt Lamps are carved from pieces of salmon colored Himalayan Rock Salt. They have an incandescent or LED light bulb in the middle and you have probably seen them in peoples home and office or anywhere. When they are turned on they emit a warm soothing glow and they make a beautiful addition as home lighting products.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

So back to the question what about those health benefits of improving sleep and concentration to boosting immunity and relieving migraines. So where do these claims come from? Well to answer that you first need to know what these Himalayan Salt lamps do. They generate negative Ions (called vitamins of the air) – so what is an ion you ask… well an ion is an atom or molecule with a net electric charge. There are 2 types of ions, 1 is the negative ions, which are negatively charged, this occurs as a result of having gained one or more electrons. The 2nd type is the positive ions, which are positively charged, this occurs as a result of having lost one or more electrons. The air we breath contains both positive and negative ions but not in an equal ratio.

Lots of things can happen in the environment both natural and artificial that can give rise to either the position or negative ions. So, for example have you even had an experience just before a bad thunderstorm where you felt oppressed and irritated but then once it was over you felt refreshed almost invigorated? Ions may be the cause of this occurrence. After a thunderstorm the air is heavily charged with negative Ions.



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